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Secret To Marketing Your MLM Business Online

This Podcast was created based on a question that was submitted to me at http://www.AskMeYourQuestion.com

MLM is probably one of the best business structures and most recommended for those who would like their own business but do not know where to start. The reason I say this is because everything's already done for you and there is a low cost of entry.


Most people that try MLM fail because they do not know how to market their business. Sadly most marketing strategies are restricted by the MLM company due to strict laws.

In this video, I share a simple strategy that I have shared with more MLM business owners than I could count. This strategy can be used to promote your products and or services as well as grow your downline.

How To Get New Customers Fast - by Tim Beachum

Are You Interested In Learning How To Get New Customers Fast

If you're like most business owners, you probably have one burning desire: to get more customers! Whether it's for your restaurant, fitness studio, or just about any type of business in between, that is what we all want.

I talk to real business owners, with real problems every day. They submit their questions to:


Here Is The One Skill That You Should Master As A Digital Marketer

In this episode, I answer the question what is the one skill that I deemed most important as far as the future of the internet. The question was posed by a young individual from a youth group in Europe by the name of the young entrepreneurs of the future.

Although it was a very good question, the answer was not that simple. After thinking about it for a moment I decided hands-down that the number one skill that any individual could learn in order to succeed in the future of this digital society would be copyrighted.

So why is that the case?

I have thought about this ever since then. You see, there are many different skills you could learn to survive in the future digital society, however, none of them beats learning to Copywrite. Everything in the world today is based on copywriting... Allow me to explain ...Your favorite movie ...Started with a copywriter who wrote the script ...Your favorite song ...Yep... You guessed it... started with a copywriter who wrote the lyrics.

Advice For T-Shirt Business Owners

The Sanchez's have been struggling with their t-shirt business and sought advice from a 20-year marketing veteran.

The t-shirt industry is a difficult one to start in, yet hundreds of people do it every day. The major reason that most of these entrepreneurs fail is due to inadequate market research before they begin.

They're attempting to sell t-shirts that they're passionate about, rather than t-shirts that the market is interested in.

In this podcast, Tim takes a thirty thousand foot view of a strategy that leverages the power of Social Media sites as well as various platforms to effectively market t-shirts. 

Once you have done your market research and you understand everything from a bird's eye view you should feel pretty confident that your t-shirt will sell, it's time to design your sales process. 

The simple sales process that I have seen work well with t-shirt businesses is as follows:

• Run ads directly to a landing page

• Set up retargeting ad campaigns for those who visited your landing page but did not take action.

• Set up an abandon cart sequence for those who added your t-shirt to the cart but failed to purchase. 

• Set up a follow-up sequence for those who purchased from you with other offers. 

How To Market Your T-Shirt Business On Social Media
Another reason most people fail in the t-shirt business is that they stop running ads once they do not see a return on their investment. This is a mistake made by many new entrepreneurs.

Those t-shirt companies that I have consulted with that were making at least 700K to a Million plus a year for the most part made their profits on the backend. Although their sales process may have varied from the one above the point is they had excellent follow-up mechanisms in place. 

ATTENTION Struggling Business Owners

The Ask Me Your Question website's launch is the topic of this podcast. Tim Beachum, America's Favorite Digital Marketer, is putting his money where his mouth is by assisting business owners from all around the world with their digital marketing problems.

Not everyone who calls themselves an "internet marketing expert" provides any value, but it's prudent to be cautious of anyone who claims they can make you rich in a few days. It is not feasible and if that is what you are looking for you are definitely in the wrong place!

Tim Beachum is well-known for his no-nonsense approach to digital marketing, and he's extending his reach by allowing any business owner from around the world to submit their question by visiting www.askmeyourquestion.com. He'll be answering questions and distributing them to a community of global business owners.
Tim Beachum
"It is always about finding the right market ...Everything else is secondary!"
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